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An Open Source Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Platform

Arctern is designed specifically to accelerate the processing, analysis, and visualization of spatiotemporal data. Based on the most popular open-source big data technologies, Arctern provides a flexible and high-performance analysis platform helping you address the challenges posed by spatiotemporal data in a time of 5G and IoT.

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    Powerful spatiotemporal functions

    Supports key OGC standard APIs, location-based algorithms, and spatiotemporal models.

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    Viz Interaction

    SQL-based interaction capability. Arctern can quickly present vivid spatiotemporal analysis results using server rendering technologies.

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    Arctern can be deployed anywhere between a standalone laptop and a cluster of multiple servers without compromising user experience.

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    State-of-the-art Data Science Technologies

    Arctern integrates technologies such as Pandas and Spark. You do not need to change the existing data analysis methodologies or processes.

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    Supported Programming Languages

    Python, RESTful, and C++. You can adopt Arctern with ease and great flexibility.

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    Heterogeneous Computing

    Supports x86 and GPU. Arctern can help you reduce hardware costs.

Open Source

Arctern is open-source on GitHub.

Contributions or any forms of feedback are welcome!


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